Welcome to Delightfully Chaotic! Like the slogan says, this place is dedicated to “the Life and Times of One Fledgling Southern Belle”, that’s me! Fledgling is a word that I love because it expertly captures the truth of the lives of young twenty-somethings and it is a word I use to describe myself, Delightfully Chaotic, and my work.

I’m Gayle and I’m kind of a mixed bag. I’m a Kentucky Girl which means I speak my mind and I work hard. Lipstick is probably my favorite makeup item, but despite my love of makeup I love hobby farming. I’m from a small Eastern Kentucky town where coffee shops are not found, but I love nothing more than a good overpriced latte.

Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place ~ Daniel Boone

I am many things. One of them a student at Morehead State University studying Biology and Mathematics. Those two things are daunting and require much of me but there is nothing else I would rather be doing. Even though they are my areas of study, I have so many other interests and that’s kind of the point of Delightfully Chaotic.

People are so many things and so often they get stuck in one box. I am many things and this platform allows me to explore and express those things. You’ll find my book reviews and “bookishness” on full display here. You’ll find my gardening, chicken raising, and goat wrangling tips. You’ll find beauty and fashion tips for living your life fabulously. You’ll also find explorations of my faith. Jesus Christ is my whole life and of course my walk with Him will be out front for you to see.

She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure ~ Steve Maraboli

I am still young. I am still fledgling. Because of this fact, I strive to be as authentic with the side of me I present to you as I can be. I named this blog Delightfully Chaotic because that’s how I see myself. So I invite you all in to my beautiful mess of a life in the hopes that you can be encouraged and know you are not alone.

Gayle, 2017