The Next Four Years

One of the main reasons I started this blog two years ago was to update my friends and family on my journey through Craft. I had set out on an exciting adventure, and I wanted to take everyone along with me. But after two years, I'm ready to graduate from The Craft Academy and  begin… Continue reading The Next Four Years


On Exhaustion and Excitement

It was Monday Morning and raining in Morehead. My head was pounding from the late night I had spent doing homework and my complete exhaustion had made me sleep through my 7:30 alarm. I checked my phone to see my lock screen full of text messages, emails, calendar alerts, and various other things that demanded… Continue reading On Exhaustion and Excitement

A Scientist in the Liberal Arts: A Semester Experience

This semester has been different and stressful and different. It hasn't been hard or horrible or upsetting. Just different and stressful and different. At this point you're probably wondering why I keep repeating myself and there is a reason for it. That reason is Liberal Arts.  Maybe I can't complain. After all, it is only… Continue reading A Scientist in the Liberal Arts: A Semester Experience