Closet Musts for the College Girl

If you search Pinterest for "College Girl Wardrobe" you're going to find a plethora of blog posts explaining to you how to "not look like a freshman" or "transition your wardrobe to college". Basically, these bloggers are telling you that you need to scrap all the things that you loved dearly in high school to… Continue reading Closet Musts for the College Girl


Organizing Your Closet? There’s an App for that!

Guys, I have recently discovered this cute little app that helps you get ready by allowing to catalog all of your clothes and beauty products. It's called ClosetSpace and it's super adorable.   It's got a cute little place to catalog your entire wardrobe. It automatically separates everything into categories for you so it's super… Continue reading Organizing Your Closet? There’s an App for that!