About the Author


I’m Gayle, your basic down home Kentucky Girl with all the trimmings: straight shooting, good cooking, and home loving. I grew up on my parents’ hobby farm on the outskirts of a quaint Eastern Kentucky town. There I learned the importance of hard work, determination, and friendship.

Nowadays, you’re most likely to find me at Morehead State University where I’m studying Biology and Mathematics.  You’re likely to find me in the library, Lappin Hall, or dorm room studying and avoiding human contact. When I’m not studying, I enjoy reading great books, writing bad stories, cooking, and working in my church. I also love discussing politics, particularly those of the Republican kind, and watching Redskin football. In between all of this, I’m trying to become the perfect Southern Lady.

So here we go! A place for me to talk about my adventures, dreams, and shortcomings. I aim to make this representative of how diverse my interests are and how crazy my life is. I hope that in the process I inspire you all to be nerds and try everything!