The Next Four Years

One of the main reasons I started this blog two years ago was to update my friends and family on my journey through Craft. I had set out on an exciting adventure, and I wanted to take everyone along with me. But after two years, I’m ready to graduate from The Craft Academy and  begin another exciting adventure.

For the past two years, I have attended The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics a dual credit residential high school located in Morehead, Kentucky. There I have attended Morehead State University on a full two-year scholarship completing curriculum to accelerate my academic career.

Through this program, I have been overwhelmingly blessed. I have completed sixty-eight hours of college coursework while making unforgettable memories. I have had the privilege of  being the youngest intern every employed by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. I have traveled to Germany, Switzerland, and France. I have even started a small business and developed a product to aid individuals living with Spinal Cord Injuries. And I’ve done it all while maintaining a perfect GPA.

Like any other high school student, I have had to go through the incredibly stressful process of applying to college. There has never been a more grueling process and I’m so incredibly glad that it is over. This is partially because applying was so awful and because I’m so pleased with the outcome!

I have chosen to stay at Morehead State University. I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into their Honors Program, which has awarded me with a four-year full-ride scholarship to pursue dual-degrees in Mathematics and Biology.

I was fortunate enough, through my hard work and opportunities award to me at Craft, to pretty much have my choice of schools. Ultimately, Morehead was the right choice for me for a number of reasons. They have a fabulous Pre-Medical track that will help me accomplish my goal of becoming a physician. Class sizes are small and professors are incredibly personable and helpful. Morehead is also a wonderful place to live.

Everything for next year has beautifully fallen together. From my choice of classes to a fantastic on-campus job, everything has gone exactly how I would have hoped it would. I am incredibly excited to begin my journey as an official Morehead State University freshman. I will be studying two subjects that I love under professors who are experts in their fields. I will be close enough to come home whenever I want but for enough away to feel like an adult. I will get to travel abroad, research, and study.

I could not ask for more.


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