My 2017 Goals

Confession time: I really hate New Year’s. I hate the parties and the frivolous celebrations. Most of all, I hate New Year’s Resolutions. Most people don’t keep them and have very little intention of keeping them. For me especially, New Year’s Resolutions can send me into a cycle of self-deprecation and self-hatred. So I often don’t make them and truck through January to the best of my ability. 

This year, I want it to be different. I still haven’t made “resolutions” but I have made some goals. I know that I’m splitting hairs when it comes to the differences between “goals” and “resolutions” but the difference is that I’ve already taken action to make these things happen. Accountability, my friends, is going to be the key. That is why I invite you, dear reader friends, to keep me accountable as well! Feel free to reach out to me and ask me how I’m doing. 

So without further ado, this is my list of 2017 Goals:

1. Become Consistent in My Quiet Time

As a Christian, it is imperative that I have a relationship with my Lord that includes daily communication through prayer and Bible Study. Since leaving for college I have struggled to regain the kind of consistency in this that I had at home, and I honestly long to have it again. So when I made my Spring Semester schedule, I included the perfect time for a daily morning quiet time. I have also started a year-long daily devotional book, Voices of the Faithful. In years past, I have found that I have more success when I have this type of daily aid.

2. Read 80 Books

This is a bit of a lofty goal, I know, but it’s one I’m very excited about! One year I want to read over one hundred, but this is not that year. You can follow my book reading (and reviewing journey) on Goodreads. I also am very excited to say that I’ll be starting an Instagram page where you can follow my as I read through some really great books! So keep an eye out for that starting in the next week. 

3. Work Out Three Times a Week 

I think that physical health is really important, and last semester I really let my physical health take a backseat to my academic health. That is not going to be the case this year! I’m not so interested in loosing weight as I am in becoming just a better, stronger, healthier me. I already have an amazing gym buddy who I know will keep me accountable to the end. 

4. Post Here Once A Week 

I’ve struggled with consistency on this blog. It takes a lot of work, but I enjoy it so much! I’ve switched platforms (as you can tell) to create a cleaner, fresher, more professional look and to make posting easier on myself. I also have a lot of really great book reviews in the works as well as some “girlier” stuff (I might also experiment with some guest posts). But by all means, keep accountable to this. If you haven’t seen a Delightfully Chaotic post in a while comment, tweet, email and ask me what’s up. I want to make new content a consistent, expected thing. 

Well, y’all that’s my list for the year! Leave your goals in the comments!

Love and Happy Reading,




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