Craft Goes to Keeneland

About a week ago I posted this photo on my Instagram,

This was such a fun day. We started out by leaving Morehead around 6;30 and headed to Lexington. After some mishaps we ended up at Keeneland and got to eat breakfast in the track kitchen. There were jockeys and trainers and other “horse people” eating with us. It was fun to eat around people who know more about horses than I ever will. 
Then we got to take a guided tour of Keeneland.
Even though nothing was in bloom because it was super cold, Keeneland is breathtakingly beautiful. We started at the paddocks.
Then we went through the tunnel. This tunnel has actually been used in several movies including Secretariat! You can see our lovely tour guide in this photo. She was amazing and knew so much about Keeneland.
Then we went into the Winner’s Circle and looked at the track. We were supposed to have been able to see the horses workout, but time constraints meant that we had to skip out on this.
From the Winner’s Circle you have a perfect view of the stands, which are absolutely gorgeous. Honestly, there is nothing at Keeneland that isn’t beautiful.
We also saw these nifty little statues which all have a meaning, but I’m not a horse person so I can’t remember what they mean.
Then we went to the Sales Pavilion which is where all the horses are sold. Our tour guide gave us a pretty detailed explanation of the process that is involved when people decide to sell their lovely horses.
We also got to go behind the sales stage and see where the horses are brought in from. Most of Keeneland’s money is made in sales and you can tell this by the amount of money they’ve spent in their Sales Pavilion.
Keeneland is an absolutely beautiful place that if you get the chance to visit you definitely need to visit. I am super excited to back during a race and see the racetrack with actual horses on it.
Love and Happy Reading,

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