Saintly Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs are an Easter staple. It’s just not Easter without them.

I mean it’s just not Easter without a plate of Deviled Eggs on the table. For some reason, people seem to treat Deviled Eggs like they are something special when actually they are really easy to make. I actually like to make them quite often because they keep well in the fridge and serve as a good lunch or a healthy snack.
This is what you’ll need.
Boil six eggs for ten minutes. Unfortunately, one of my eggs decided to explode so I could only make eleven instead of twelve *insert crying emoji*
Cut the eggs in half. Put the yolks in a medium mixing bowl along with one of the white halves.
Put them in a bowl, mush them up, and add about half a cup of mayo and a tablespoon of honey mustard. Add plenty of salt and pepper.
Chop up a couple sweet pickles so you have a tablespoon or so of diced pickles. I don’t like using relish, but you can if you so choose.
Add plenty of dill and paprika to taste. Mix it all up and then put it back in the egg whites. You can use a piping bag or just two spoons.
Dust with paprika, chill, and serve!
It’s that simple.
The great thing about deviled eggs is that you can do them in anyway that you like. It’s all how you like your eggs.
Tell me how you make your deviled eggs in the comments.
Love and Happy Reading,

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