Quick and Easy Jewelry Organization

If you know me, you know that I have a love for all things pretty and sparkly. In fact, I have more jewelry than any one person should have. This is all well and good when I lived at home and had lots of space to store my pretties at, but now that I’m in college it’s made keeping my full jewelry collection with me rather difficult. I’ve come up with a solution!

This is a simple screw organizer that you can pick up at any hardware store. The best part is that it is so small and lightweight that you can easily slip it in your suitcase or in the bottom of your drawer.
 Start by using the removable partitions to block off parts of the organizer. Then, sort out your jewelry.


Make sure  that all your earrings have matches, backs, and are in good condition.
I’ve been using this box for a while now, originally I had my earrings sorted by color, but now I’m doing something a little different. I have mine grouped together by the material of which they are made and I have the earrings I tend to wear everyday in a section by themselves. The point of this is to make getting ready as easy as possible, so make sure to organize it in a way that works for you!
Now that you’ve got all the pretty things for you ears tucked away, you need to organize all the pretty things for you neck and wrists. Lay out all your necklaces and bracelets. Double check all the clasps and get out any tangles you might find.
Look how pretty!!!!!
I just love it when all my jewelry is put away nicely.
Anyways, I grouped the rings and lapel-pins together. Then I grouped all the “small” necklaces together and all the statement necklaces together. After that, I put all of my wrist wear together.
Quick tip: if you’re worried about your necklaces getting tangled, wrap the chains around the pendants and that should solve your problem.
The best part of this is that you can snap the top down and nothing moves around! I hope this helps you jewelry junkies with limited space.
Love and Happy Reading,

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