What I Learned in my First Semester of College

Yesterday I finished my very first semester of college. I am 1/4 of the way through my Craft Academy experience, and in another year and a half I will be half way through my Undergraduate degree. WOW. That really is something, isn’t it? Honestly, this past semester has flown by so fast that I can’t believe it’s over. I’ve learned so many things, met so many people, and discovered so much about myself these past months. Here’s just some of them:

1) Everyone is as terrified as you are. 

I guess when I started college I thought that everyone would have their life together and know what they were doing. I was SO wrong. There are a few upperclassmen and graduate students who know what they are doing, but everyone else is just “winging it”. The important thing is to remember that there’s nothing wrong with not knowing how to do something. Just be willing to admit it and ask for help. That’s a sign of maturity.

2) You will make friends. 

My biggest fear going it to this program was that I would not be able to make friends. Honestly, I thought that I was going to that weird person that just kind of exists, but that’s not what happened. I have an amazing friend group that I love dearly. I’ve found that in college, you make friends fast. One day, you know no one and the next you come home to this on your door:

That’s just how it goes!

3) Every day is different. 

When I was home, every day was pretty much the same. Now, I wake up, I get dressed and hold on for the amazing ride. Every day is different. Every day is exciting. Every day I’m reminded of just how much I love the place I’m at.

4) Just have fun. 

College is definitely first and foremost about getting an education. That’s the most important thing about going to school, but having fun is really important too. Sometimes you just have to cut loose and have good, safe fun.

(Sometimes good, safe fun is crashing the children’s section of the Tree-Lighting and taking a photo with Frat-boy Santa)

5) Still…. study hard. 

I studied hard, so hard this semester, and I’m proud to say I will most likely end up with a 4,0 (not all my grades are in yet). At the beginning of the semester, I would have never thought that I would be madly in love with math, let alone tutoring it. I would have never thought I’d be looking forward to taking Calculus or that I’d be willingly taking on the trifecta of doom (Calculus, Biology 171, and Chemistry 111). Honestly, I fully expected to get into this program and completely fail, but I didn’t.

Not too bad for my first college level paper.

6) Don’t forget your old friends. 

I am so lucky not only to have amazing friends at Craft, but also to have the most incredible support group here. They are my oldest friends. We have grown up together: traversing the cute, awkward, and “attitud-inal” phases. They are amazing, and I love them. I am so thankful that they still keep in touch with me, and invite me to all their gatherings while I’m at home. I never thought that I’d be the first one of us to leave home, but I’m glad that I still get their support.

6) Always, always go home. 

Now I don’t mean spend every weekend at home because you hate school so much. No, I think it’s important that college students make their own lives outside of their hometowns and parents, but it is extremely, extremely important to stay connected to your family. You’re parents are the most important people in your lives, and it is important that you go home. If you can’t go home, call home. Call your mama, she worries about you. Call your daddy, he loves you. Just whatever you do, don’t ever take your parents for granted.

Love and Happy Reading, 

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