The Browning Orchard Festival

The Department of Agriculture Sciences here at Morehead really is amazing. They do so many things here on campus that you really can’t miss them. They even grow some of the food that is served to the student body.
The thing with the Agriculture department is that much of your learning happens outside the classroom. Their farm is amazing, but it’s a little known fact that Morehead also has an orchard.
It was donated several years ago by the Browning Family, and it’s actually in Fleming County. Every year the Agriculture department sponsors the Browning Orchard Festival. Luckily, Craft decided to have a bus for us, and I got to go. 
First of all, this orchard is gorgeous, and this festival is a big deal. 
That’s just some of the cars that were there. (Before you ask, I did not walk out to get this photo. I’m no where near dedicated enough to this blog to walk out in the middle of a field to get a photo. I was on a hay ride, but that comes later) 
After we ate, we walked through the farm store. There they had apples, apple cider, honey, and MUMS!
Now, I’m a sucker for a pretty mum. So….. 
I’m now a proud plant parent. I think I’ll call it Charlotte. I’m so proud of you, Charlotte. 
Anyways, I wandered back to the main tent where they had live music. I made it just in time to see Dr. Andrews join the band and serenade us with “I’ll Fly Away”. 
(That’s him in the blue.)
He sang several songs with the band, and it was just wonderful. I love the fact that Dr. Andrews does this kind of stuff all the time. He’s not someone who sits behind a desk and is never seen. He’s out and about on campus. He talks to the students. He’s really very personable. 
Next we decided to take a hayride. 
They took us to an old schoolhouse that is on the Browning property. The University restored it to its original beauty. 
The school housed grades 1-8. Children that wanted to go to high school had to move in to Flemingsburg or go without. Over the years, the Poston Schoolhouse played a major role in the lives of the families living near the Browning Orchard.
While they were restoring, they came across a painting from 1948 that one of the students did. 
One of the students in the Art Department restored it. It looks brand new. 
The schoolhouse sits atop a little knoll. Needless to say, it has a beautiful view of the Kentucky landscape. I think I’ll always be in love with the rolling hills here. There’s just something so overwhelmingly comforting about them. 
After the schoolhouse we went back to the main festival site, and enjoyed some caramel apples. 
They were so good we forgot to take a picture. So here’s our half-eaten caramel apples. I must say, those were the best apples I’ve ever had. 
Then we loaded back up and headed home. All in all, it was a fun festival, and I’m glad I got to go. I wouldn’t say that this is an absolute must; however, if you’re in the area next year, come check it out. 
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