A Night at the Theater

Morehead has been plastered with posters promoting the play “Little Women” for weeks now. They are all over campus and every business has one, and of course, since Little Women is my favorite book, I just had to go. Rebekah and I decided to make a night of it.

Before the play we went out to eat at a fabulous little Italian restaurant called Melini Cuzina Italian, every body just calls it Melini’s. They, hands down, have the best pizza in town. If you’re in Morehead, you have to stop by and get some. However, since Rebekah and I were attempting to have a night of refinement we tried some of their pasta.

Let me tell you, it was delicious! They have one of the best sauces that I’ve ever had. I am obsessed with it. Also, their bread sticks are amazing.

We also splurged and bought some desert. Their turtle cheesecake left nothing to be desired. The graham cracker crust was yummy, the chocolate layer thick, the cheesecake rich, and the caramel delicious.

I’m not sure, but I think Rebekah enjoyed her cannoli as well.

That’s the face of someone who’s found heaven in a desert.

After eating way, way too much, we waddled down main street to the Arts Center. I wish you all could see this little town. For some reason, it didn’t occur to me to take a picture. Morehead really is a darling little town, and I’m glad that I get to live in this artsy little town.

The play was a wonderful little production. It was beautiful acted, and it was really a reverent handling of one of my favorite books. I was amazing by what they were able to accomplish with only one set and a rather small cast. They skipped huge portions of the book, but I never felt like anything was missing.

(The only photo I took of the set was a snapchat, that I just barely managed to save. Oh well!)

What made it come together so well was the acting. In fact, the acting was so good that Rebekah was actually sobbing through the end of Act II and the intermission. When the actress that delivered the moving performance came back on stage at the end to bow, Rebekah started to cry again. I too may or may not have been a little teary eyed.

The Morehead Theatre Guild will be putting on one more play this season, and I would strongly encourage you to go. “Dearly Departed: A Deathly Funny Comedy” will be playing November 6-8 and 13-15. If “Little Women” is any indication of their quality of production, you won’t want to miss any of their plays.


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