Girls’ Night

Sometimes food on campus gets boring. Sometimes Beakers and ADUC just don’t cut it. Sometimes you just need to have a girls’ night.  So you have to go off campus and get a bite. Well, last night we went to Pasquales Pizza and Pasta. It was delicious. Yes, the atmosphere is a little sketch, they could do some renovating, but the food is so good. Don’t let the shabby interior and old blinds deter you, they really do have good food.

All three of us got lasagna, so I really can’t talk about anything other than that. They are known for their pizza, but I can’t see how they would be able to compete with Melini’s. Anyways, their garlic bread is fantastic! If you’re in Morehead and you need a quick dinner or lunch, I strongly recommend you stop by Pasquales. 

After you get your pizza fix, head next door to Bakery On Main. Bakery On Main is one of the most adorable little bakeries I’ve ever been too. They’ve got glass cases full of delicious looking sweets and pastries. The service is friendly and everything is made in house.

Madeline and Rebekah got the chocolate creme brulee, and I had the most amazing chocolate cheesecake ever. Trust me, this is a place you want to visit.

Overall, it was a wonderful night with friends, good food, and lots and lots of laughter.

Photo Credit goes to Madeline Janson, my friend and future foodie.


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