Craft Move-In Day

As many of you know, yesterday I moved into my dorm room. That’s part of the reason that I haven’t posted anything here lately because I’ve been busy preparing to move. Once I get settled down here and in the swing of things blog posts will become more regular.

The Craft kids are really, really lucky because we get to live in a newly-renovated dorm. Thompson Hall is one of the more historic dorms on Morehead’s campus, and they just renovated it specifically for us. We have an amazing facility that I feel very blessed to live in.

They have pretty much rolled the red carpet out for us. When arrived there were cameras and volunteers to help us move our stuff into the building. They opened the bookstore specifically for us, and we have been given special meal cards until our meal plan kicks in. Overall, everything has been wonderful, and I really think I’m going to like it here.

I’m settled into my room. Rebekah and I have really made our room quite homey. When we were moving in, I was really concerned we weren’t going to be able to turn our sterile, white room into a home, but we did it! We still have a little bit of decorating to do, but for the most part we’re finished. She and I have really created a sumptuous, quiet, wonderfully smelling place to live. Unfortunately, you couldn’t see anything in the pictures without the ugly overhead lights on. Still, you can see our pretty decorations.

I made almost all my dorm decorations myself, so if you have any questions about how I made anything feel free to comment. 
Love and Happy Reading, 


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