Hiking the Pinnacles

I am not exactly the most “outdoorsy” individual. I’d like to be, but it just never seems to happen. So when some friends wanted to hike the Pinnacles with me before I left for school, I jumped at the chance. I thought it would be a lovely, gentle hike. I was so wrong.

The trail starts out as a nice, flat, paved path, and then quickly becomes a path of torture. That being said, it was amazing. We decided to hike up the West Pinnacle. From the nice, paved path, the trail becomes a steep up hill climb, flattens out again, and then goes steeply uphill. There are tree roots in the paths that you have to avoid, but the trails are exceptionally well-kept.

The trail to the West Pinnacle is a beautiful hike. It is heavily wooded path that shows you some absolutely beautiful countryside. At one point, the trail goes from sandy-dirt path to rocks. We climbed over the rocks, not with ease, but with a lot of laughter. Sometimes, it’s just funny to watch your friend fall. You go up, up, up the mountain, and pass huge rocks.

Speaking of the rocks, it’s a good thing that I went with friends, because the first large rock we come to I was convinced was the Pinnacle. I was also convinced that the second rock, and the third, and maybe the fourth were the Pinnacle. When we finally actually got to the Pinnacle, I was slightly disappointed because I was so excited about the other rocks. Anyways, the view from the West Pinnacle is absolutely breathtaking. I makes the whole hike worth it. I could just stay there looking at the Kentucky countryside for days.

Just gorgeous. 

Even though the hike was quite grueling, the view was so worth it. Hiking the Pinnacles is definitely a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with your family or friends. Take lots of water, and don’t try to go fast. Overall, it was a great way to spend one of the last Fridays of the summer.

Love and Happy Reading,



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